Wipe Dispenser With Your Personalized Poster

Wipe Dispenser With Your Personalized Poster
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Premium Wipe Dispenser With Your Personalized Poster. These custom kiosk only take up 1 Square foot of space in your store and will keep you and your customers safe. Your company logo and company name will be displayed on the top poster. You also receive 32 rolls of 1200 wipes each that’s over 38,000 wipes. Storage space within the kiosk, along with an integrated trash can.

~Fight Covid and show your guests how much you care about their health~

1 Kiosk + 8 Cases of Wipes (32 rolls of 1200x each)

COST: $999.00 Trade Plus $150.00 Cash For Shipping

Call Domenic at TradeWorks to order today @ 631-269-4400 Ext: 1

Available in: United States

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