UV Disinfection Lamp Sterilizer

UV Disinfection Lamp Sterilizer
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UV DISINFECTION LAMP STERILIZER LIGHTING 38W PORTABLE REMOTE CONTROLLER FOR HOME- CHEAPER THAN WAYFAIR.CA – This 38W UV Disinfection Lamp works with UV Light and Ozone modes. The Lamp should be used to disinfect a closed empty room. The timer switch with Remote Control has 3 runtime settings to have a runtime per your needs 15 mins/30mins/60mins. The lamp is designed in an easy-carrying size suitable for small spaces like living rooms bedrooms kitchens and much more places which may need disinfecting. Lamp is 45 cm high and 21 cm wide.
MSRP $139.99 NOW ON SALE FOR $99.99 TRADE. https://www.wayfair.ca/home-improvement/pdp/global-pronex-38w-uvozone-disinfection-light-household-ultraviolet-germicidal-lamp-remote-control-glox1063.html (11306)

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