Turning the Wheel

Turning the Wheel

ROMP! An intergenerational expressive movement party, catered to the client's needs, which integrates group building games, spontaneous thinking, voice, and art - all set to live music. This program has been offered at weekend retreats, company parties, fundraisers, in-school residencies and for birthday parties. It has been shown to create community, return a sense of artistry and wonder to the so-called "daily grind", and enhance emotional intelligence and self awareness. Bottom line: it is FUN!! Value for 90 minutes (2 facilitators and a musician) $100.

Tapestry - similar to our ROMP! With more depth for adults, this six week program is offered locally in a studio space and accompanies by live, improvised music. Drop-in's welcome. Value $8 class; $48 for the series.

The Body Now Workshop - an in-depth, experiential, day long retreat that explores the Turning the Wheel modality for those who would like to share it in their community and place of work. This workshop is for teachers, therapists, counselors, dancers, writers, or anyone who has an interest in infusing their own lives and communities with well being and creativity. Currently, this workshop takes place three times a year and is led by our founder, Alana Shaw. A Turning the Wheel teaching manual developed over the last twenty years by Alana is made available to participants. Value (Alana Shaw facilitating, and a musician) $95.

School Residencies - we offer residency programs in schools and community centers. Programs are available in the performing arts, arts integration with other topics/themes/curriculum and health and wellness. Participants explore self-awareness, self care and self expression using the tools of art, writing, group sharing and movement. Value varies depending on the length of the residency. Please inquire at lulu@turningthewheel.org if interested.

Turning the Wheel Missoula welcomes your donation to fund programming that creates vibrant, healthy communities using movement and creative expression as the catalyst for social change..

Services offered:

  • Kids: Birthday Parties
  • Professional Services: Classes
  • Health and Wellness: Corporate Wellness
  • Travel: Retreats
  • Other: Non-Profit Companies