The Red Willow Learning Center, Inc. (1 rating)

The Red Willow Learning Center, Inc.

Hello Fellow WeTrade Network Members!
We all know how valuable WeTrade dollars are. We use them for employee benefits and other business expenses as well as for private purchases. Don’t forget that your WeTrade dollars can be used for charitable giving as well.

The Learning Center at Red Willow, a nonprofit 501c.3 corporation has been a WeTrade member since opening in November of 2010. We have served over 5000 people in the last 7+ years, over 50% needing financial assistance ranging from a sliding scale to full scholarship. The mind/body based resilience building skills we offer help those who have experienced trauma get their lives back so they can be better employees, better parents, better partners and better community members. We are proud to offer services in the County Detention Center as well as programming for active military, veterans, first responders and their families.

As an organization, we have several necessary services we use WeTrade for. Our account is low and we are asking you, our fellow members, to consider a WeTrade gift in any amount.

Thank you for your consideration!
Kathy Mangan, Executive Director

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