Lil Griz Cub House

Lil Griz Cub House

Lil' Griz is a drop in children's play center. We're open late 7 days a week (12pm Fri & Sat, till 10 Sun - Thurs) and no reservations are needed. We accept children 18 months to 12 years old. We have play equipment, toys, theater and a video game corner. If you are a We Trade member coming to Lil' Griz for the first time, be sure to bring your ID card. Our employees are trained to verify that you're a We Trade member on the first appointment.

Come Explore With US! At Lil' Griz preschool we base the curriculum on the children's curiosities and use our environment to help those curiosities blossom into an interest and understanding of the topic. Through the child's exploration and teacher guided activities we hope to help each child find in themselves a passion for learning! Class runs for three hours and is a blend of large and small group activities.
The Lil' Griz preschool operates under an emergent curriculum always keeping primary education goals in mind (early reading, writing, and math skills). The teachers are ever planning and changing the lessons and environments based on what the children are most passionate about. This type of curriculum is not only exciting for the children but also empowering.

Play, Wonder, Discover. Ten weeks of FUN! Sign up for a single week or for ten (different theme each week so children signing up for more than one week won't get bored). Your child will explore the wonderful things that the city of Missoula has to offer in the summertime. The goal of the Lil' Griz Summer Camp is to provide a safe, well-supervised and fun experience for your child. We maintain low staff/child ratios and well organized activities. Daily field trips include active and community based activities. Please visit our website to find out more information including the themes for each week.

Services offered:

  • Kids: Child Care
  • Kids: Preschool