Missoula Current, LLC

Missoula Current, LLC

Missoula Current launched on January 1, 2016, and has already gained a dedicated readership within Missoula's competitive media market. We're just a little different than the rest, we believe community comes first and that information matters. Missoula Current is locally owned and operated and free of corporate influence. Our team of reporters, columnists and contributors provides local, in-depth content not found on other Missoula news sites. Missoula Current wasn't created to follow the competition, but to lead the conversation.

We believe that information should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income level, so we've made our site free for readers. Because our site is free, we rely upon the strong community partnerships we make with readers, sponsors and advertisers to support the costs involved in running the site.

Why Partner with Missoula Current?

Limited ad spots displayed - your ad won't get lost in digital chaos

Sophisticated, engaged readership

350,000 average monthly page views

Affordable rates start at just $95 for an entire month

Be part of the media shift - support local, independent news!

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