Crossheart Outfitters, LLC

Crossheart Outfitters, LLC

2 hunts-Montana trophy Antelope-3 days-$2,500 per person-central Montana ( draw license)
4 hunts-Montana Trophy Mule deer -Missouri river Breaks-4 days $ 4,500 central Montana( draw license)
1 hunt-Montana trophy Mountain Lion hunt- 5 days-$ 7,500 (over the counter license)
2 hunt-5 days Montana Wolf hunt-4 to 5 days -$ 4,500 (over the counter license)
2 trips-coyote-wolf calling and trapping instructions 3 days-$3,000 (over the counter)

2- Montana Trophy Elk hunt-special unit-(draw license) - 5 days-$ 8,000 (rifle or archery)

Services offered:

  • Travel: Hunting Trips

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