Northwest Consulting Group

Northwest Consulting Group
  • Northwest Consulting Group
  • Northwest Consulting Group

We provide both coaching and consulting services to leaders within business.

With over 30 years’ experience in finance, strategic and operational management that spans the for-profit and non-profit sectors – we understand how to unlock potential so that you can maximize your personal and professional results.

Coaching Process:
A. 90-minute introductory “kick-off” call in where we will explore your current situation and aspirations for the future.
B. Scheduled weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls tailored for your specific circumstance/situation.
C. Calls are either 30 or 60 minutes in length and will be conducted over ZOOM (video conference)
D. A minimum of 12 calls, which includes the “kick-off” call are what is offered in this coaching package.

Consulting Services:
A. Determining and establishing your entity
B. Creation and refinement of company vision
C. Business Strategy
D. Marketing
E. Finance / Budget Development
F. Hiring & Managing Staff
G. Leadership & Teamwork
H. Ethics and Reputation in Business

Services offered:

  • Professional Services: Business Consulting and Coaching

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