Green Path Herb School

Green Path Herb School

Herbal Classes in Missoula:

Beauty Ritual

Join holistic esthetician/herbalist Anna Rummel Tenenbaum for a guided exploration of self care as ritual. Using the simplest means, we can elevate our routines from drudgery to celebration of the self. Connecting with botanical allies and reframing our definition of beauty can be a powerful tool for reclaiming our self worth and connecting deeply with our inner beauty. Anna will explore simple tools including breath work, visualization, aromatherapy and more to allow you to infuse ritual into your daily beauty routine. Each student will create a gem infused aromatherapy space spray.

Thursday, November 1 • 6-8pm • $45, includes a gem infused aromatherapy space spray

Herbal Ales and Beers

Let your taste buds go wild as we dive into the world of herbal brews. These are not your typical hoppy IPAs or your wheat ales, instead, I challenge you to taste something your taste buds may not be familiar with. Join The Botanical Brewess, herbalist Brittany Breitenbach as we discus the art and benefits of making medicinal ales. Ever heard of ginger bugs? Come find out more!

Tuesday, November 13 • 6-8pm • $20

Holistic Skincare Demystified

Does all the buzz about the latest, greatest skincare technique/ingredient/approach leave your head spinning? There’s a lot of hype around skin care and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Join Holistic esthetician/herbalist Anna Rummel Tenenbaum for a discussion of skin health based on the physiology and function of our body’s largest organ, the skin! Anna will discuss the skin’s function as an organ and it’s interface with our other body systems, beauty foods & tonics, specific skin conditions and botanical ingredients/products along with the how, when and why to use them.

Thursday November 29 • 6-7:30 • $22

Herbal Wines

Join Herbalist and Brewess Brittany Breitenbach as she shows you how to turn honey into wine, also known as Mead. She will show you how to add plant material to create custom herbal honey wines that will not only delight the taste buds but can also be medicinal. Sample a few wines and help make one. More importantly, we will take some time to discuss the obvious importance of bees and how we can do our part to make sure these magical beings do not go extinct!

Tuesday, December 11 • 6-8pm • $20

Services offered:

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